Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Asthma Is Growing Stronger, But Not As Quick As We Are

Asthma is nothing to play with and it grows more and more serious with each generation to inherit the illness. Every time the gene passes down the line, the mutation encounters more and more resistance and evolution; causing it to either grow stronger or die away. However, no matter how complex or powerful it can become; there are always some pretty simple things to avoid if you want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Smoke; obviously something that should be avoided when in your own hand, but twice as deadly when it is the other person smoking. Add asthma on top of that and you have perhaps one of the deadliest combinations you can expect to encounter after a diagnosis. There is nothing worse on the lungs than a thick cloud of smoke, tar, and acids that absolutely don't belong anywhere near a human being; much less inside of our bodies.

Bonfires, while fun and refreshing, are another source of smoke that should be avoided if you wish to remain free of asthma attacks and various other, serious symptoms. You obviously don't have to avoid every fire that you pass by, but don't spend each weekend with the bros, standing at the fire and filling your lungs with an allergen, just waiting to set off your delicate lungs. There are various degrees of seriousness, but none of them are so low on the totem pole that you should welcome them in.

Incense, in the same family as other types of smoke, but this one smells a little better, yet is perhaps a little more deadlier than the previously mentioned (cigarettes aside). The reason they are deadlier is due to the chemicals required to add that smell and natural aroma to the incense, which varies via different manufacturers. Some companies will only supply a healthier, natural solution, but regardless; it's still not "good" for the lungs and when you have a sensitive illness, such as asthma, it gets even worse.

Now, the house should remain clean, but the use of certain chemicals will only irritate the lungs and nasal passages; causing a breakout or an attack to strike when least expected. On top of this, they can effect the lungs in a fashion that could lead to death or serious illnesses via their interaction with the diseases and different tissues of the body; something that could likely happen to someone without asthma as well.

Asthma is serious, that is fairly obviously and there is never going to be any doubt that the utmost care should be taken to prevent any more damage than necessary. However, with new medical advances coming each and every day, we can grow easier in learning that the illness may soon be behind us and behind the fears of our children or theirs to come. In the mean time, avoid some of these common problems mentioned in the tips above and you will notice that life with asthma might not be quite as difficult as it was once believed to be.

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